July 2019

July 2019

00:00 / 3.00

July 2019 Parish Council Meeting for Aldborough and Thurgarton Parish Council. This meeting was 3 hours and took place on 1st July 2019 with an Agenda as follows:-


1. To consider and accept apologies for absence
2. To receive any declarations of interest and any dispensations of disclosable pecuniary interests
3. To approve minutes of the meeting held on 9th May 2019
4. Matters arising from those Minutes not covered in this agenda
5. To receive any reports from the County and District Councillors
6. Public questions, comments or representations
(on matters connected with this Agenda – limited to four minutes per person and twenty minutes in total at discretion of the Chairman)

7. Planning
7.1 To discuss and make observations on any applications received after the date of this Agenda
7.2 Update on other applications:
PF/19/0652 The Old Surgery, Thwaite Road, Aldborough – Extension

8. Finance and Regulatory
8.1 To approve list of payments (noting new councillor training payment) and receive actuals against budget, balance sheet and bank reconciliation
8.2 To confirm appointment of Locum Clerk as permanent on the same salary terms, approving number of hours to be worked, adopting NALC template Contract of Employment
8.3 To discuss and approve new signatory/signatories for Bank and if necessary, amendment of Financial Regulation 6.4
8.4 To discuss and approve draft Planning Policy for the Parish Council

9. The Green
9.1 To discuss and agreed any action necessary following inspection of the play area and RoSPA play equipment inspection
9.2 To discuss and approve request by Nature Group to place logs and plant trees near the Pond
9.3 To discuss and agree purchase of a new bin and update on parking signs
9.4 To receive update re: work to water supply following Anglian Water Improvement and confirm share of payment with Cricket Club
9.5 To receive any reply from NNDC solicitor re: bus shelter, parking and easement.
9.6 To consider any comments following consultation re draft Management Policy, agree and make any necessary amendments and approve

10. Community Centre
To receive and discuss any report on Community Centre matters
11. To receive any update on Village Sign and consider and agree increase in earmarked reserves for the sign
12. To deal with any correspondence
13. Matters for information only or next Agenda
The next meeting will be on Monday 2nd September 2019